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Code: poc-820 Material: bronze Features: Handmade Occasion: 420, Graduation, World Rastaman Day, Housewarming, Moving, Anniversary, Birthday, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day Lid: Yes Form: animal Ships: tomorrow Personalization: No

Smoking pipe with a bowl in the form of Jellyfish. The pipe has an opening lid and this is not only a smoking accessory, but also a wonderful souvenir. The mouthpiece is made of copper, it is screwed on, can have a length (from 3 to 30 cm) and a shape at the request of the buyer.

The pipe is working, not decorative, the model is tested by the master.
Each buyer will receive a mini-ramrod, a miniature spoon and a bottle for a disinfectant solution as a gift.
The standard set includes a miniature BRONZE spoon. If you would like to have a SILVER spoon, you can buy a set with it (+15$).

Sizes: M

Hole width: about 0.51 inches (13 mm)
Hole depth: about 0.31 inches (8 mm)
Bowl size: about 1.56х1.05х1.13 inches (40х27х29 mm.)
Bowl weight: about 1.96 ounces (56 gr.)

Attention! The pipe is made to order within 3-5 days.

The pipe is made by hand (without using computer technology) from bronze according to the author's sketch.
To make this item, a wax model was cut out by hand. Then, using the lost wax method, bronze parts were cast.
Then the workpiece was mounted, minted, polished and polished. Finally, the shell was engraved and blackened to get a unique vintage look.

Please contact the seller before purchase to clarify the parameters of the pipe. All pipes are intended for use only as legal products. Our products are NOT intended for illegal use.

In addition, if you have not reached the age of majority at the place of residence, you cannot buy our pipes. By purchasing this product, you agree and confirm that you have reached the age of majority for the purchase of pipes.

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