Silver pendant Dopamine

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Code: sj-414 Material: silver Features: Handmade Occasion: Birthday, Graduation Form: molecule Ships: in 7 days Personalization: Yes

Dopamine is a hormone responsible for mood. If this is not enough, then we have hypochondria, if in abundance - then we really fly in euphoria.

Our silver pendant in the form of a dopamine molecule is the material embodiment of pure chemical joy. This is a universal gift, as it is multifaceted and gender neutral. Having presented this decoration to a friend or a loved one, you literally give him vivacity and enthusiasm, and if you decorate yourself with this pendant, you will always carry this emotion with you. And even in the nervous hard days this small silver jewelry will cheer up its owner.

And you can also engrave the name of the giver or recipient of the gift on one of the faces of the molecule, and then the owner of the pendant will become the keeper of a unique symbolic thing - his own dopamine. “In you my joy” - and that says it all.

Size: about 2.28x0,86 inches (58х22 mm).
Weight: about 0,14 ounces (4 g).

The pendant is made by hand using traditional jewelry technology. First, the master cast an ingot of silver and rolled it into a sheet. Then, in accordance with the author’s sketch, the main parts of the manufactured thing were carved from this sheet, which were assembled into the structure and soldered.

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