Silver pendant Lock

Price: 100 USD
Code: sj-427 Material: silver Features: Handmade Occasion: Anniversary, Birthday, Graduation, Housewarming, Mother's Day Form: other Ships: in 7 days Personalization: Yes

If you go to make an unusual gift for your girlfriend, then this silver pendant in the form of a miniature lock is exactly what you need. It is just like a mysterious and incomprehensible female soul, closed to everyone who does not have a key, and diverse as a real woman - there is a delicate flower on one side and an insidious cobweb on the other.

Such a gift made by the hands of the master will appeal to any girl, especially since you can change the design to your liking, for example, enter her name in the drawing on the pendant on one of the sides.

Size: about 1,25x0,59х0,2 inches (32х15х5 mm).
Weight: about 0,25 ounces (7g).

The pendant is made by hand using traditional jewelry technology. First, the master cast an ingot of silver and rolled it into a sheet. Then, in accordance with the author’s sketch, the main parts of the manufactured thing were carved from this sheet, which were assembled into the structure and soldered. Finally, the composition was engraved and blackened to get a unique vintage look.

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