Silver pendant with your text

Price: 72 USD
Code: sj-428 Material: silver Features: Handmade Occasion: Anniversary, Birthday, Father's Day, Graduation, Mother's Day, Moving, Housewarming, Independence Day, Christmas/New Year Form: other Ships: in 7 days Personalization: Yes

Silver pendant with your text. This jewelry will be made specifically for your order (made by hand from silver within 1-2 days).

In this case, the word “Pofigizm” is written on the pendant - this is the Ukrainian slang version of the concept of “Indifferentism”, a condition where it doesn’t matter what is going on around it.
On the back of the pendant is an engraved smiley ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯. This is an Internet meme, kaomoji and a symbol of Zen Buddhist tranquility and acceptance of the world as it is.

You can choose your text, engraving and pendant shape.

Size: about 0,12x0,12 inches (30х30 mm).
Weight: about 0,3 ounces (8,5 g).

The pendant is made by hand using traditional jewelry technology. First, the master cast an ingot of silver and rolled it into a sheet. Then, in accordance with the author’s sketch, the main parts of the manufactured thing were carved from this sheet, which were assembled into the structure and soldered.

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