Silver ring Fence, designer custom jewelry with your text

Price: 90 USD
Code: sj-410 Material: silver Features: Handmade Occasion: Anniversary, Birthday, Father's Day, Graduation, Mother's Day, St.Patrick's Day Form: ring Ships: in 7 days Personalization: Yes

This jewelry will be made specifically for your order.

Funny silver ring-fence as a gift for adults who have not grown. After all actually in every adult person there lives a hooligan child, but not everyone can afford to let him go free. Since the position in society, public opinion and its own internal censor do not allow to go beyond the framework and do not allow you to make you childish pranks.

And sometimes you want it so much!

But although status is status, it’s still necessary to distract yourself/ And you have the opportunity to do this with the help of such an original decoration.

The ring is made in two days by your order. You come up with inscriptions (you can obscene words). These can be ordinary words or personal "hello" to certain people.
Since the author makes this ring with you, you can make changes to the design, for example, fence boards can be whole, shifted or full of holes. You can also make a fence without text or replace / combine with simple drawings.

Size: optionally.
Weight: about 0,35 ounces (10 g).

The ring is made by hand using traditional jewelry technology. First, the master cast an ingot of silver and rolled it into a sheet. Then, in accordance with the author’s sketch, the main parts of the manufactured thing were carved from this sheet, which were assembled into the structure and soldered. Finally, the composition was engraved and blackened to get a unique vintage look.

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